Patented hair transplant method in Istanbul – DHI-Plus- technology ensures the best treatment results
For patients who do not want to compromise in terms of hair transplantation, we have committed ourselves to researching and further developing Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT). So far, this method has only been performed by a few renowned clinics: Most providers of hair transplants continue to work with the conventional FUE method, which places a higher burden on the hair and scalp and does not always lead to a satisfactory result.

With conventional methods, this is mainly due to the fact that the hair roots removed are often stored outside the scalp for a longer period of time before they can be used in the recipient area. With the DHI-Plus-method, however, the follicles are placed in a special nutrient solution, which is otherwise only used for the transplantation of organs: In the solution, the follicles do not die off and remain strong, so that they can grow much better at the recipient site.

With the patented DHI-Plus- technology, our team of hair transplant specialists in Istanbul has developed a treatment method which

*allows successful transplantation and growth of up to 7,000 grafts in a significantly shorter treatment time
*is more gentle on the scalp and hair roots
*leaves no scars and accelerates healing time
*leads to a success rate of up to 95%.

ATTENTION: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment process, planning and outcomes can be different for you. The information you see here is the averages encountered in a large sample size. For details please contact us via WhatsApp:  +90 542 475 41 10

The DHI-Plus- technique is painless and does not leave any scars.
For this purpose, our hair transplant specialists use a Choi implantation pin specially developed for the method: This pin, which is equipped with a gold-plated steel needle, can simultaneously create the recipient site and insert the transplant. Injury and irritation of the scalp and loss of the transplanted follicles are thus greatly minimized.

In order to make the treatment as pleasant as possible for the patient, local anaesthesia is performed without a syringe: Our doctors use a syringe-free jet injection for this purpose. In this case, the anaesthetic is not injected via a cannula, but directly into the treatment area under short-term high pressure. Not only the hair transplant itself, but also the local anaesthesia is minimally invasive and completely painless.

Procedure of the DHI Plus Transplantation Method

*Using a modern Hair Analyzer, our transplantation experts first perform an exact analysis of your hair structure, scalp and hair growth direction.
*The donor and recipient areas are then anaesthetised with a syringe-free jet injection.
Using gently rotating special drills, the hair roots are removed from the donor area at the back of the head and placed in the nutrient solution.
*With the Choi implantation pin, the follicles are removed from the nutrient solution and transplanted at an angle of approx. 40 to 45° directly onto the recipient area.
*For hair care and protection at home, our specialists will also provide you with suitable shampoos and lotions and explain how to use them.